A simple training solution that offers participants real, practical strategies for working more effectively with others – your peers, suppliers, clients and managers.

Webinar, video, workshop or conference, this program focuses on understanding different behavioural types so we can connect and thrive, as individuals and as organisations.

A non-confrontational session that’s fun, blameless, easy to digest and memorable. Less stress, greater productivity and better results.

Which fruit are you?


Conference Keynote

Lynne’s sessions are interactive with an emphasis on practical application so each delegate leaves with strategies they can implement straight away.

Live Workshops

Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana, Lynne will get your team laughing at their differences and on the path to thinking and working effectively together.

Virtual Workshops

In virtual workshops, Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas Zoom it to learn more about themselves and each other to respect, connect and thrive.

Video Training

You take control as the facilitator in this face to face video training option for teams where Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas discover how to work more effectively together.

MC Facilitator

Lynne will learn your jargon, get your challenges, stay out of the spotlight and make sure you stress less. Lynne will Kick off a conference to set the scene and get delegates talking.

Which fruit are you?



Lynne Schinella is a trainer, facilitator, conference speaker and founder of the Fruit Personality Profiling Tool, on which she has trained thousands of people on how to work with the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana.

Lynne is a breath of fresh air. Her energy, sense of humour and ability to engage added immense value.

Every participant found the course a wonderfully enriching experience and left with their skillsets greatly improved.

She connects with the audience by sharing her own
fears and apprehensions.

The effect her passion, enthusiasm and willingness to challenge the status quo has enriched the experience for all of us.

What I learned from my time with Lynne won't just help me on my career path but with life.

She cheerfully delivers a fresh angle targeted to a
particular audience.

Love Lynne's style and risk taking when working the room.

Lynne's enthusiasm for creating a positive effect on team dynamics is contagious!

Professional and results oriented, Lynne is a
great extension to our team.

No one does personality styles like Lynne
AND gets the results

Lynne's ability to take complex ideas and make them
simple and relatable is at the core of her expertise.