8 Reasons for a Lime Personality to Love the New Workplace

Good news for the introverted personality

The original nuclear shock of COVID-19 has abated and we are all in some sort of routine albeit in a world we barely recognise. But for some personalities amongst us, the lock down has been guiltily welcomed and almost embraced.

People with a Lime preference are often more introverted than extroverted. So to be told they have to work from home was a gift.

They are intense, productive workers and given time alone to reflect on problems, highly productive. But when they have to contend with their hilarious Mango colleagues all day, making jokes, telling endless stories, laughing…. and worst of all popping by the Lime desk to chat and touch their STUFF…

Limes have a great sense of personal space. They are private people who don’t believe touching anyone anywhere is part of a successful working relationship.

Oh, the pain at the inadvertent touching that goes on during a day. On the daily commute, if you’re lucky enough to get a seat, hips sliding along the hips of someone else. Or standing in the train with your nose in the armpit of Captain Skyscraper holding on for dear life.

And then there’s the lift. Let’s just jam one more person in until you can feel the breath of Stevo from Sales on your neck.

The newly emerging workplace is looking a lot Limey.

1. Plexiglass around my desk set at least 1.5 metres apart from any other Mango muppet who may invade my space and head.

I actually get a desk of my own back. At last, I can feel safe and secure as I put my own things on my own desk which I come to at the same time every day after buying the same coffee from the same barista. Bliss.

You can’t even come by my desk without sanitising so if by chance you do sneak

in and touch my stuff, I feel better.

2. And halleluljah! No more touchy feely team building! No more passing balloons in our teeth or engaging in a human knot or everyone’s personal favourite – the trust fall. And no Banana and Mango hugs!

3. No more being forced into bowling social club days where you have to rent other people’s stinky shoes. Gone.

4. I now have the perfect excuse not to attend networking events and make more excruciating small talk to people I don’t want to meet in the first place. There are so many online events I can get away without attending the live ones.

5. When a friend offers me a lift and her car is always filled with discarded lolly wrappers and sand and just mess – I can use cleanliness and COVID as an excuse to get there on my own.

6. And oh, the joy of attending a trade show.

Everyone has a temperature check on arrival. They must wear gloves and masks.

Only a limited number of people are allowed in a time. You have to move in one direction, like a giant IKEA. Oh wait, like any IKEA. All that space. All that order. All those lovely rules.

The convention centre is being disinfected twice a day and there are ambulances on stand by to whisk anyone away that looks vaguely ill. If you leave the centre you have to be checked in again so no Mango spontaneity allowed. And if you don’t adhere to the rules –boom! You’re out.

7. What about flying? I simply don’t have to be away from home as often. We’ve proved business can be done over Zoom. Saving the company money and saving me the pain of 26B and the great unwashed.

8. Best of all, we’ve proved that much work can be done from home so I simply don’t have to go in to the office as much.

Being around extroverts constantly is draining for Limes and doesn’t allow for them to work at maximum potential. They love systems and rules and their key drivers are safety, stability and security. Whilst they have enjoyed being at home, they are worriers by nature and f they are home schooling, working and constantly anxious about money and the next steps, it’s been a time of mixed emotions.

As we do trickle back into our increasingly Lime workspace (and that is NOT a bad thing) take the time to think about what matters to our Lovely Limes, and how you can work (or live) with them in ways that are better for both of you.

Lynne Schinella offers a range of virtual and face to face learning options about how Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas can all work and live more effectively together. PS – we are all a delicious blend.


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