A Fearless Start to 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have written down my goals for the year to come on New Years Eve. But the last few years, inspired by the way that Ideas Architect, Geoff McDonald, does it, my list has morphed into something more structured, more rounded and more real.

I look at the roles I play in my life, from mother and wife through to business woman and baker of family birthday cakes.

I look at the areas of my life – health, family and friends, work, finances, fun, community and personal. And when I have goals in each of those, I list the top 3 goals I want to achieve. (In 2016 I achieved two out of three. No surprises there – # 3 was a weight goal…why do I bother????)

And then I give the year a theme. This is not a new idea but the theme is super important because it becomes my guiding light. For 2016 my word was FEARLESS. Because I had found that over the years the girl who jumped off cliffs without a thought because she knew she could fly….was gone. In her place, it must be said, was an older, wiser woman who weighed up the risks. Too much. And I missed the bold girl.

So in 2016 I was fearless. Whether it was making a difficult phone call, climbing to the top of a cathedral in Europe (hate heights), trying a new business concept or making pastry in a humid climate….whenever I hesitated I screamed FEARLESS at myself and just did it.

And you know what? I had a great year. And I’m not saying that just because I am a positive person full of rainbows and fairy dust to whom every year is great – because many years certainly have not been.

But thinking Fearless showed me the way when I hesitated. When fear gripped my belly, Fearless was my compass through the challenging terrain. For me it’s so empowering to choose a word, or a phrase, and commit to it. Because once you do, you’ll always have that other guy/girl in your head, you know, the one who won’t let you get away with anything, reminding you of it.

And by the way, if you haven’t checked out Suzy Jacobs’ annual Fearless event – do it!

Your theme word(s) can be anything meaningful for you. Upgrade. Bigger. Give. Survive. Sassy. Truth. Wellness. Learn. Strength. Or maybe it’s Roses, reminding you to stop and smell them.

Am still working on mine for 2017. Check in same time next year to see how I did.

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