Why Apples Don’t Like Yoga

People with an Apple preference are known to be quick. Quick thinkers, quick in conversation, quick to action. So it would stand to reason that yoga would not be their first choice of exerci

8 Reasons for Limes to Love the New Workplace

The original nuclear shock of COVID-19 has abated and we are all in some sort of routine albeit in a world we barely recognise. But for some amongst us, the lock down has been guiltily welco

handling financial stress

I know what it’s like to be broke. And not the I’m down to $20k in my savings broke, or I’ve only got $250k in super broke, I mean no money. Where you look behind the couch to find the

Mangoes are Human Too (hang on, that’s weird)

Four weeks into lockdown and I want to do a bit of a shout out to a much maligned Fruit, the Mango. They tend to cop a bit of flack around the office for talking too much, laughing too loud,

Help at Home Through Corona Virus

A thousand years ago I lived in Tahiti for 3 years. My husband had been transferred there and I had been promised a work visa, having come from a high powered hotel job. When we arrived, tha

The Corona Diet

And you know I’m not talking beers with lime wedges. As being at home becomes the new normal, I’m noticing a trend in eating habits around my place. My friend baked us a loaf of warm bre

Leading in the New Normal

We weren’t prepared for this. Markets shifting, lack of oil, changes of government, yes. But not this. It’s hard enough leading at the best of times. And now here is an unprecedented sit

Size Does Matter

Small teams are better than large ones. Flight Centre allows no more than 7 in a team, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon says unless a team can be fed with two pizzas, the team is too large. (Mind

Want to be Heard? Slow it Down

A hundred years ago I decided to run a breakfast seminar in order to showcase my business. Engaging the services of two clients to present case studies, all I had to do was a 10 minute intro

Better Than The Frocks

Ok, so Frances McDormand is getting accolades for her Oscar winning speech because she has rightly drawn attention to the inequality of women in Hollywood. But don’t just let it go at that