Samsung. Made to Last.

My dad’s phone carked it this week. Hardly surprising. It was 23 years old. Go figure. Samsung made extraordinary flip phones to last. Of course, given the fact that he’s 86 and an extre

Impossible to ignore – hello Mango!

Are you a storyteller? Do you love people? Are your party shoes always at the ready? Do you tend to be late – but believe you’re worth the wait? Hello you big Mango! If you don’t know

STOP! You’re not 100% pure.

DANGER: Do not restrict people to the confines of their Fruit box. Humans are incredibly complex beings and no one is just one Fruit. Every one of us is a Fruit Salad. Through learning about

Why Apples Don’t Like Yoga

People with an Apple preference are known to be quick. Quick thinkers, quick in conversation, quick to action. So it would stand to reason that yoga would not be their first choice of exerci

8 Reasons for a Lime Personality to Love the New Workplace

Good news for the introverted personality The original nuclear shock of COVID-19 has abated and we are all in some sort of routine albeit in a world we barely recognise. But for some persona

Mangoes are Human Too (hang on, that’s weird)

Four weeks into lockdown and I want to do a bit of a shout out to a much maligned Fruit, the Mango. They tend to cop a bit of flack around the office for talking too much, laughing too loud,

Leading in the New Normal

We weren’t prepared for this. Markets shifting, lack of oil, changes of government, yes. But not this. It’s hard enough leading at the best of times. And now here is an unprecedented sit

A Mango and a Lime Walked into a Bar…..

Last night I had dinner with a beautiful friend of mine. We’ve known each other for many years and share a deep affection despite our many differences. I ordered enthusiastically, and a li

It’s All About the Giving

I was privileged to speak recently at the Foster Care Queensland Conference. It’s a significant affair – 800 people from agencies, suppliers and many carers themselves. So it was no surp

Before You Accuse Me, Take A Look At Yourself

You’re excited. You’ve got the job you were gunning for and now you’re heading into your first week as leader of your new team. You don’t know anything much about them – who’s go