Cut Your Inner Apple a Break

I’ve been on a bit of a learning curve lately. And it’s a tough one. When you work alone, as I do, you set the projects and you set the deadlines. And during COVID it’s possible I may

Welcome to Being Human

Ever tried so hard to get it right and just failed miserably? Welcome to being human. There’s been a lot of conversation around Australia Day and naturally the topic of racism has cropped

Fighting Bah! Humbug

Despite the cheeriness of my happy Fruit people I haven’t actually been feeling so Christmassy this year. I’m tired. I want to be all Scrooge and bah humbug but the Mango within won’t

Samsung. Made to Last.

My dad’s phone carked it this week. Hardly surprising. It was 23 years old. Go figure. Samsung made extraordinary flip phones to last. Of course, given the fact that he’s 86 and an extre

Impossible to ignore – hello Mango!

Are you a storyteller? Do you love people? Are your party shoes always at the ready? Do you tend to be late – but believe you’re worth the wait? Hello you big Mango! If you don’t know

STOP! You’re not 100% pure.

DANGER: Do not restrict people to the confines of their Fruit box. Humans are incredibly complex beings and no one is just one Fruit. Every one of us is a Fruit Salad. Through learning about

Giving Thanks

Whilst we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I’ve always loved the idea of marking a special time to give thanks. And with a new book in the wind (in case you hadn’t notic

Locked Down in Love?

The idea of lockdown with the person of your dreams had much appeal. COVID, for some, was seen as a gift. A dream come true. Instead of spending hours commuting, we’re both going to be