Samsung. Made to Last.

My dad’s phone carked it this week. Hardly surprising. It was 23 years old. Go figure. Samsung made extraordinary flip phones to last. Of course, given the fact that he’s 86 and an extre

Impossible to ignore – hello Mango!

Are you a storyteller? Do you love people? Are your party shoes always at the ready? Do you tend to be late – but believe you’re worth the wait? Hello you big Mango! If you don’t know

Fit for Work

I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals recently. Doing one of my favourite things, observing human behaviour. We’ve learned a lot about our courageous, hardworking nurses on the front

Locked Down in Love?

The idea of lockdown with the person of your dreams had much appeal. COVID, for some, was seen as a gift. A dream come true. Instead of spending hours commuting, we’re both going to be

Size Does Matter

Small teams are better than large ones. Flight Centre allows no more than 7 in a team, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon says unless a team can be fed with two pizzas, the team is too large. (Mind

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Photo by Lisa H on Unsplash It’s only 5 minutes. How bad can it be? The short speech. Should you just wing it? Depends on how much you value your career. Every time you have an opportunity