Embarrassing Moments of 2022

I started to write this piece based on my Embarrassing Moments of 2022. After all, as I lead often with my inner Mango, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to my pool of Doh! situations.

But as I began I realised that I don’t have embarrassing moments any more.

Somewhere between the start of excess chin hair and demise of pert breasts I found I just don’t care. Maybe I could be embarrassed if someone created a situation. I might be embarrassed for them. But I’m not sure I can embarrass myself anymore.

  • Dress caught up the crack after coming out of a bathroom. Oh well. 
  • Farting involuntarily out loud. Brazen it out, obvs.
  • Tripping in public. Just happy I’m still out and about.
  • An unexpected visitor during sex. See above answer.
  • Discovering food in your teeth after an hour long meeting. Sigh.
  • Getting someone’s name wrong. More than once. Now this one leaves me mortified, shamed but mainly because it reveals my humanity.

You see, there are benefits to aging (reference to chin hair and breasts not withstanding). And lowering the care factor on what can make you embarrassed, feel awkward and cause you to ruminate on the incident for months is one of them.

We can’t prevent awkward situations or being human but we can learn to move past them faster.

If it’s your mistake, like getting someone’s name wrong, or tripping and spilling a tray of boiling coffees over a baby at your waitressing job…no, wait. No coming back from that one. In a standard type situation, apologise immediately, profusely and sincerely.

If you’re a blusher and you’re in the company of someone attainable but they still make your heart go boom and your words mix up, shut up and just blush prettily.

Anything to do with bodily functions you can’t cover, make a joke. Because when all else fails, humour can often get you over the line.

Learn to laugh at yourself. Our lives, our successes and our foibles, we are just a miniscule speck of nothingness in the enormity of the galaxy. Not taking ourselves too seriously allows us to recover more quickly from these cringey moments.

And don’t forget to talk to someone you trust if something is bothering you and hanging around too long. They’ll not only listen but provide reassuring sounds to make us feel better. Our dear friends are like gold, to be treasured.

I’m off to comb my chin hair.

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