Impossible to ignore – hello Mango!

Are you a storyteller? Do you love people? Are your party shoes always at the ready? Do you tend to be late – but believe you’re worth the wait?

Hello you big Mango!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, follow this link and do the short quiz to give you some context around what this Fruit talk is about. Find out what your Fruit preference is – are you an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana?

As I like to ‘disclaimer’, remember these points when using my Fruit profiling: no one is just one Fruit preference; we are all a beautiful blend of all four, and this is pop psychology, so please take it and use it in the intention I deliver it,  it’s meant to be fun!

Here, I talk in terms of extreme behaviour because it is easier to remember those traits so we can then recognise them in ourselves and others.

Today, I’m talking about our strong magnificent Mangoes.

Why do I call them magnificent? Because that is how they think of themselves. This is the most egotistical of all the Fruit. They like to wear the latest, they think of themselves as fashion forward, even though everything they buy is on credit.

You have to watch this one. Because Mangoes are so much fun, it is quite easy to fall for them.

They are personable and charismatic. In a social situation, they are in their element – they love people, or more to the point, they love people loving them (I did mention they were egotistical!). To appease their strong desire to be liked, they will want to head out, to seek people to adore them. Give them centre stage and they will be happy little Fruits.

So, it’s not surprising that they are natural storytellers. They love nothing more than to be regaling their captive audience with a story which seems to grow in intensity and magnitude each time they tell it – wait until next week, it will be twice as big again.

Not so much a Netflix and chill kind of Fruit, instead Mangoes love a party. They will jump at the chance to go out and can suffer terribly from FOMO. To avoid this, they will try, and, fit EVERY EVENT in. But with a skewed sense of time – they certainly don’t run by a Swiss watch – they never manage to get through their laundry list that stretches around the block.

Variety is also a critical spice in their life. They love doing different things all the time. New things, new projects, new, new, new; that’s what keeps this Fruit excited.

So, if you’re a partner of a Mango, you will have to be up to the challenge of keeping them interested – lest they tire of same ol’ same ol’. I promise, we’ll be digging a bit deeper into potential problems of different Fruity partnerships soon – help is on its way!

Mangoes are notoriously late, and they will have no qualms about keeping you waiting outside in the car like an Uber driver. They will even think it’s funny (a sense of humour that is most definitely only Mango), but then again, they think most things are funny. Mangoes think in pictures. They also have an innate ability to see the positive in pretty much everything. They are incredibly optimistic and glass half full, which can be a wonderful quality. It can also be extremely irritating if you just want to feel miserable for a while.

Feeding into their appetite for new, they also love change. They are visionaries who want to change the world. Whether it’s on a grand global scale, or just their own microcosm of the world, they want to make a change, and they want to make a difference. Thanks to their very big picture view of the world, they are almost perfectly wired to do this because they believe anything is possible. However, like Apples, they are big picture, not big on detail.

If you want something started, perfect, ask a Mango. But if you want something finished, this is not your Fruit. They get bored easily and want to find another project to work on – remember, new, new, new.

Mangoes talk, too much – the phrase talk under water with a mouthful of marbles was coined for them. Bless them, they are enthusiastic about life but for the rest of us, this can suck our energy. But they are charming, they are fun and they are the first to recover from whatever life can throw our way. And that is why we love them.


Find out your preference for Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana, do the short Fruit Quiz.

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