Mangoes are Human Too (hang on, that’s weird)

Four weeks into lockdown and I want to do a bit of a shout out to a much maligned Fruit, the Mango. They tend to cop a bit of flack around the office for talking too much, laughing too loud, being late, finishing people’s sentences, and telling yet another story all about themselves.

Well, in the last month this fabulous Fruit has shone. She’s put her best foot forward and helped us through the early stages of a seriously challenging time.

You see, out of all the Fruit personalities, Mango is best equipped to handle unexpected change. And this one’s been a doozey.

Seeing the possibility in every situation, no matter how negative, comes naturally to them. It’s part of their DNA. You know the ones. It’s a sunny day. I LOVE the sun! It’s a rainy day. I LOVE the sound of rain. I’m going to poke out your eye with a blunt stick and give it to science. All righty then! I have another one!

Mangoes are not worriers by nature. They tend to live in the present and not worry about something that may never happen. This may not work for you when they smash the car up (just a little) but happily move on to the next shiny thing without much reflection on error.

They believe anything is possible. Visionary dreamers who often drive us crazy with their big ideas are essential in times like these where we are forced into innovation to survive. Will your job exist at the end of this? Do you really want to go back to that job anyway? What other options are there?

They’re funny. Mangoes love to be liked and part of that is making people laugh.Just when we need it.

Our Mangoes inspire us. We look to them to pull us out of the cloud of despair with their infectious enthusiasm.They’re the ones you want to talk to when you’re bored, when you need help, when you want fresh ideas, whether it’s to forge a new business concept or simply fill in the day.

So a big thank you to the Mangoes in our lives. But I must share a secret with you.

Mangoes are human too.

Many Mangoes are reporting the onset of Mangonavirus, a condition resulting from spending too many hours on Zoom and the phone each day making other people feel better. Because this being at home thing, even if you are still employed, is taking its toll. For starters, they don’t get enough time to do their own work. And they’re dealing with their own longing to be back with people, with their community and being connected. As people lovers, it’s a special type of prison for them without their favourite bars/gym/clubs/churches/offices/cafes.

Mostly they have irritatingly positive days where they bounce out of bed with drive and enthusiasm. But every now and again, they need permission to feel flat as well. The swing in moods is part of the human condition and if you expect the Mangoes in your life to stay up all the time, there is only one place for them to go. And they will crash hard, needing the same amount of time to recuperate. So don’t forget to watch out for them too.

This is a time when Mangoes shine. Let’s be grateful for those huge bursts of indubitable enthusiasm and energy, but make sure you’ve got their back as well.

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