The Rise of the Banana

There is a seismic shift going on in the world. Finally, certainly in corporate America and Australia, we have decided that bad behaviour is no longer acceptable. From Harvey Weinstein to Ro

Manage your Trust Fund

On a trip to sassy San Francisco, the home of the tech start up, I was lucky enough to hang out with a few. As someone who advocates for great workplace cultures, I was like a kid in a candy

Speaking with Style

When someone bounds on stage and tells a joke with confidence, do you wish that was you? Or do you cringe inside at the unapologetic showing off? Each of us has a distinct speaking style but

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Photo by Lisa H on Unsplash It’s only 5 minutes. How bad can it be? The short speech. Should you just wing it? Depends on how much you value your career. Every time you have an opportunity

Come and See the Real Thing

This last couple of weeks I was lucky enough to see two concerts. One was Adele. The other was the Baby Animals. Which just about sums up the confusion that is in my head at most times. But

A Fearless Start to 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have written down my goals for the year to come on New Years Eve. But the last few years, inspired by the way that Ideas Architect, Geoff McDonald, does it,

A Mango and a Lime Walked into a Bar…..

Last night I had dinner with a beautiful friend of mine. We’ve known each other for many years and share a deep affection despite our many differences. I ordered enthusiastically, and a li

On Stage – 4 Ways to Shine

In Australia, land of the long weekend, we take a 4 day break over Easter which most people turn into a week, because, well, it’s just an awesome time of year. The weather is on the turn,

Want to be Heard? Slow it Down

A hundred years ago I decided to run a breakfast seminar in order to showcase my business. Engaging the services of two clients to present case studies, all I had to do was a 10 minute intro

NO excuses!

Like many others I’ve enjoyed the Australian series Offspring for a few seasons now.. How can you resist Nina in her seemingly effortless boho chic? Her internal monologue (which we hear o