Mangoes are Human Too (hang on, that’s weird)

Four weeks into lockdown and I want to do a bit of a shout out to a much maligned Fruit, the Mango. They tend to cop a bit of flack around the office for talking too much, laughing too loud,

Help at Home Through Corona Virus

A thousand years ago I lived in Tahiti for 3 years. My husband had been transferred there and I had been promised a work visa, having come from a high powered hotel job. When we arrived, tha

The Corona Diet

And you know I’m not talking beers with lime wedges. As being at home becomes the new normal, I’m noticing a trend in eating habits around my place. My friend baked us a loaf of warm bre

Leading in the New Normal

We weren’t prepared for this. Markets shifting, lack of oil, changes of government, yes. But not this. It’s hard enough leading at the best of times. And now here is an unprecedented sit

Size Does Matter

Small teams are better than large ones. Flight Centre allows no more than 7 in a team, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon says unless a team can be fed with two pizzas, the team is too large. (Mind

Come and See the Real Thing

This last couple of weeks I was lucky enough to see two concerts. One was Adele. The other was the Baby Animals. Which just about sums up the confusion that is in my head at most times. But

A Fearless Start to 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have written down my goals for the year to come on New Years Eve. But the last few years, inspired by the way that Ideas Architect, Geoff McDonald, does it,

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Photo by Lisa H on Unsplash It’s only 5 minutes. How bad can it be? The short speech. Should you just wing it? Depends on how much you value your career. Every time you have an opportunity

Public Speaking – Can I really get over the fear?

I speak at conferences for a living. And if you’d told me that 15 years ago I would tell you that you were a few snags short of the barbie. Something I would never entertain. Because I

Did you hear the one about the Mango?

In 2001, yep, that far back, I had, let’s call it, a little hiccup in my life. No job, no money, single mother. I’d been doing ok, working on projects in the tourism industry but that Se