Queen Elizabeth II – a model Lime

She was 96. We knew her time was almost up, and yet it still came as a great shock not only to Brits but to many of us who’ve never known a world without Queen Elizabeth II in it. What a woman.  What a study in Lime qualities.

Decency. Loyalty. Consistency.

She displayed a Lime sense of decency, fairness and loyalty to her family, her country and her allies. Not only was she the matriarch, she was the rock on which Britain and those in her realm were steadied. With Elizabeth at the helm people felt safe and secure. She was dependable.

Consistency was a hallmark of her person, from the words she used, how she delivered them, how she dressed, You never heard her say too much. Just enough. She chose her words carefully and thoughtfully. She was never a rousing public speaker but she was authentic. People knew they could depend on her. She was impeccably dressed. I know she had an entire crew to keep her that way but you know, so did others. Sarah Ferguson. The Queen Consort.  Queen Elizabeth just had that thing, that presence, that neatness to pull off an ensemble. And the hats. She loved a matching hat. Winston Churchill met her when she was just a small girl. And already her dolls were categorised and stored in order in glass boxes. Hello Limey!

Small gestures, held close to the body, were a Lime Elizabeth trait. No showing off, despite the family business having castles and gold carriages and a bunch of jewels. She led with contained modesty.


And above all, her Lime sense of duty propelled her decisions. No matter if it was forbidding a beloved sister to marry the man she loved because of duty to the crown, or a wayward favourite son who brought scandal to the monarchy and needed to be stripped of his privileges, emotion did not win over duty. And just because she was monarch didn’t mean she had to be dutiful. Her uncle Edward VIII wasn’t.

She once said, “I find that’s one of the sad things, that people don’t take on jobs for life, they try different things all the time.”

The Lime desire for consistency and stability served her, and Britain well through the many turbulent changes that would happen in the second half of her reign.

Away from duties she chose peaceful activities, preferring the company of a few close friends and family, her horses and her dogs.

To many Millennials and Gen Z you may wonder why this is such a big deal. It’s possible you don’t know much about the Royals. But to Boomers and many Gen Xers, we grew up singing God Save the Queen as our national anthem.

Weird. Through the background of my life, she’s been the only global constant. It’s a strange and sad time, even for this leftie Republican. And that’s the point. This Lime stood out and above the rest.

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