Samsung. Made to Last.

My dad’s phone carked it this week. Hardly surprising. It was 23 years old. Go figure. Samsung made extraordinary flip phones to last. Of course, given the fact that he’s 86 and an extreme Lime, this was a source of great despair. He’s probably a 9 out 10 on the Limey scale.

Because if here is one Fruit prone to a dislike of change, it’s an extreme Lime. And understanding personalities at an extreme level helps us understand the traits in ourselves and others. A strong Mango may rate love of change at 9 out of 10. For a strong Lime it’s probably a 1 or a 2.  Change represents the unknown. And this feels insecure and prompts notions of instability. There is no safety in change. I don’t know the new phone. What if I lose my contacts? What if I can’t work it? I can’t change my phone number! How will anyone know my new number? I now need a new plan and I don’t want a new plan. Stress levels increase and manifest themselves in worry and snappiness.

Think about the change we are faced with daily. I can’t park in my usual space. They’ve run out of coconut milk. It’s raining and I had planned for sunshine. There is a new team member. I have a new team leader.  There is a new system. The company is merging.

Most of us are a little resistant to change but for many with a Lime preference it is very unsettling. The fact that those around them don’t get their pain is unhelpful. It calls for empathy and sometimes patience to help them through. The worst thing you can do is batter them with Apple and Mango “it will be fine, just get over it” talk. Breaking the fear into bite sized chunks and addressing each one is more palatable for our Lime friends.

My mum has a dose of Lime as well but not so much around change. It’s mainly around structure and tidiness and with dad, she shares economy of everything. My parents have always made careful, deliberate decisions around spending. Nothing is spontaneous and everything must be considered. And it’s not just around money. Take my name for example. Lynne Beech. Daughter of Jean and Bruce Beech. Economy of words.

Think of me as I head into the Telstra shop this morning to transfer my dad from Samsung of 1997 into an Apple iphone of 2018. And you wonder where I’ve learned this stuff.


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