Lynne, Lynne, Put Her in the Bin

Sometimes it can feel like everything is out of control. And apart from the odd crazy Mango, no one loves that feeling. The pandemic dumped huge quantities of this on us and shifted the way many of us view our worlds. Career wise many have made the transition to being self employed or taken early retirement.

Emotionally we’ve changed too. We may be a bit bruised but many of us have found a new revelation that life is short. This is obvious from the hordes who have jumped on planes to travel again…and good luck with that btw. Welcome to a world of unhappy crowds, delays and lost luggage.

Then there’s what seems to be the huge weight of the world right now. Ukraine, Iran or floods at home, climate change, refugees, government, interest rates.

At least one thing you have control over is the people in your life.

Waste Management

Many years ago, as part of my waste management policy, I established a file called The Green Bin, for people who didn’t need to be thrown out but perhaps needed some gentle recycling.

In my council the green bin is for green waste. If green waste is not recycled it creates methane, and that’s more toxicity. So people went in my green bin, to be exposed to oxygen and break down into something better.

Some friends and I were chatting about the constant stream of work we all have coming back at the moment and one person told us about this huge project coming her way worth a nice chunk of change. As she talked we grew quieter and quieter. Because despite the money and interesting project the client just sounded like hard work. Really hard work.

He was a guy who had never done this before and clearly needed my friend. That part was ok. But he also had a substantial ego which would need to be managed and that’s time consuming. He talked at her. A lot. He talked over her. A lot. He called her daily on decisions he should have been able to make himself. And this was all before the business was signed. Here’s a green bin flag if ever there was one.

This waste management doesn’t just apply to clients. You may have a team leader you’ve done your best to work with. But despite many attempts you simply can’t find a way through and perhaps you need to move on.

Or maybe you work for a company whose values just don’t align with your own.

You might have friendships that don’t work as well as they used to. Relationships that may have been fractured over vaccination arguments or the fact that the royal family are actually shape shifting aliens.

Or maybe it’s simply people who have never left the schoolyard. People who need to talk about others all the time, to create drama by imagining there’s something afoot and then spreading the rumour. Gossips. Or maybe they simply have a high FQ* and you don’t want to hang out there.

Lynne, Lynne ,put her in the bin. That still hurts. Granted, it was clever, when you’re in Year 1 and your vocabulary only extends to one syllable rhyming.

Now I am pretty much 100% positive that I am in someone’s green bin. And that’s ok. I don’t know about it and you have chosen to be better off (hard to imagine though it may be) without me in your life.

If there is someone sucking up space and energy in your life, or worse, spewing methane and poison into it, send ‘em to the Green Bin. There they will break down and become something good for the planet.

*F**ktardery Quotient

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