Bite Me! And Other Do’s & Don’ts of Dealing with our Differences (Hardback Book)


Are you an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana? Find out where you fit in the Fruit Bowl and how to survive and thrive with people you just don’t get.


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Dealing with different personalities, with other people not like ourselves, expecting them to behave and react in a way that we want, can create tension, arguments and ultimately loss of productivity in the workplace. To say nothing of the stress that comes with it.

In Bite Me! And Other Do’s And Don’ts of Dealing With Our Differences, Lynne Schinella forces us to take a reluctant look at ourselves and why we don’t always make the most out of our relationships with others. Drawing on the ancient theory of four temperaments first suggested in Ancient Greece, she has reimagined different personalities as Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas converting the information into an easily digestible and blameless language.

Find out which Fruit you lead with and why you connect with some people are not others.  An Apple may consider themselves direct and decisive but a Banana may see them as blunt and controlling. A Banana may see themselves as accommodating and caring, a Mango may see them as just a bit…soft. A Mango sees themselves as the best Fruit – the funny, charming, storyteller. Limes see Mangoes as annoying, arrogant show offs who never shut up and are always late. And the lovely Limes who consider their efficiency and order a positive can be seen by others as simply as anal.

It’s not meant to be this hard!  In a refreshingly honest and often hilarious way, Lynne breaks down the different personalities and explores why we’re different, how we’re different and what we can do about it.  She shows us how if we can acknowledge our differences, laugh at ourselves and others by using a blameless language, life becomes a whole lot easier.

Whether it’s conflict with co-workers, dealing with difficult customers or living with loved ones, Bite Me! is written in a lively, easy to read style that offers valuable, practical advice for greater productivity in the workplace and less stress all round.