Pick Me! Loving and Living with People You Just Don’t Get (Hardback Book)


Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana, when it comes to love, we need all the help we can get.


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Ever wonder why they take so long to decide? Ever wonder why they need to be busy every moment of every day?  Ever wonder why they like conflict, are competitive, or can’t say ‘I love you’? Ever wonder why the person you chose to be with can simply drive you bananas? Our Fruit personalities in love are not quite as simple as would seem when your first meet.  That person with the cute little tummy can seem like a fat bastard five years later.

Author of the book Bite Me! And Other Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing With Our Differences, Lynne Schinella tackles the ups and downs of our fruity private relationships in her new book Pick Me! Loving and Living with People You Just Don’t Get.

Through a series of hilarious, frustrating, introspective, and relatable relationship stories constructed from real life scenarios, Lynne Schinella shares why and how we are different when it comes to our fruit personalities in love.  We are often attracted by our opposite Fruit, Apples and Bananas, or Mangoes and Limes. This follows the Karl Jung theory that we seek to complete ourselves by finding our other half. And in the beginning it’s wonderful. Apples  love getting a cup of tea in bed each day, Bananas love Apples making the tough decisions. Mangoes love coming home to a neat house, Limes love the sudden increased social life. But nothing stays the same and love can be tricky.

Understanding how our Fruit personalities impact our personal relationships is enormously helpful in fostering greater respect for each other, a key part of love. We can learn the ways in which our partners want and need to be loved, not just the way in which we choose to give it.  Mastering the differences in Fruit personalities will help navigate the frustrating but delightful mess that is living with someone we just don’t get.