Pick Me! Loving and Living with People You Just Don’t Get


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Ever wonder why they take so long to decide? Ever wonder why they need to be busy every moment of every day?  Ever wonder why they like conflict, are competitive, or can’t say ‘I love you’? Ever wonder why the person you chose to be with can simply drive you bananas?

Author of the book Bite Me! Lynne Schinella tackles the ups and downs of our fruity private relationships in her new book Pick Me!

Through a series of hilarious, frustrating, introspective, and relatable relationship stories constructed from real life scenarios, Lynne Schinella shares why and how we are different. The impact this has on our personal relationships and how to navigate the frustrating but delightful mess that is living with someone we just don’t get.

Hitting bookshelves in February 2021, a perfect gift for Valentines Day.