The Banana Personality


Awww. You’ve done the quiz and you’re a beautiful Banana personality style. Kind, patient and caring. Or just soft, depending on which Fruit is looking at it.  In this downloadable e-book Lynne Schinella deep dives into the Banana personality style and provides practical tips to the Banana personality for being a better version of themselves and to everyone else for living and working with the nicest Fruit of the bunch.



Aww. You’ve done the Fruit quiz and it turns out your first preference is to be a beautiful Banana personality style.

You’re kind and caring. Or simply a bit soft. You’re accommodating and thoughtful. Or indecisive and procrastinating. Perception is everything. It all depends on which Fruit personality type is looking at it.

In this easily digestable, and dare we say, appealing and downloadable e-book Lynne Schinella deep dives into the Banana personality  to help you, whether you’re the Banana or you need to know how to live and work with one. She provides practical tips to the Banana to be the best version of themselves they can be, and to those with Bananas around them to help them survive and thrive together.

If your first preferred personality style is Banana you’ll discover why you do the things that you do – why you love family, friends, peace and harmony. And why you avoid conflict like CO-VID and find it really hard to say no. You’ll also learn why just because you’re the nicest Fruit, you can still annoy people with your too nice ways and propensity to be so damned agreeable., all because you just want to make people happy. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  But best of all, you’ll find out how to work on the behaviour that may cause other people at work or at home, pain, all without giving up the very essence of who you are.

Perhaps you’re another Fruit style and you have a Banana working for you who never seems to  have an opinion. Or maybe you have a team leader who is nice as but is reluctant to make the hard decisions. This little ebook will stop you wondering what to do and help you understand the sweet and caring Banana personality you find yourself working or living with. Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, you’ll find plenty of practical Banana hacks to help you through. All so you’ll have less stress, get more done and have happier, healthier, respectful and meaningful relationships.