RIPE Personality Profiling Tool ©

Ahead of the Working With People You Just Don’t Get workshop take this short profile quiz to identify your Fruity behaviours!

The Ripe Behavioural Tool has been designed as a simple and fun way to assess what your behavioural preferences are. Each type of behaviour has its strengths and challenges, and in the upcoming training session these will be explained to you along with ways to work better with people who are different to you (so you can have less stress and get more done).

For now, please choose one (and only one) option that best describes you. There are 28 rows. The more honestly you answer, the more valuable the session will be.

PLEASE print or save a copy of the results and take it with you to the workshop. We look forward to sharing more with you in the session.


By completing this quiz you give permission to

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Are you an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana?

Find out your own behavioural preference.

Get insights into how you may be perceived and how to work and live with people who are not like you.

Understand why you connect with some people and not with others.