Lynne’s popular signature program provides invaluable learning in a fun and interactive session, available as a conference keynote, live and virtual workshops or a self-guided video program.

Your people will learn how and why they’re different and how to connect with respect for less stress, greater productivity and a fatter bottom line.


Conference Keynote

Lynne’s sessions are interactive with an emphasis on practical application so each delegate leaves with strategies they can implement straight away.

Book Lynne as your Keynote to:

Kickstart a new year
Help new teams get to know each other
Get a new team working more effectively
Understand how to deal with external stakeholders
Get leaders away from a one size fits all approach
Give people tools to connect, engage and influence others

Live Workshops

Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana, Lynne will get your team laughing at their differences and on the path to thinking and working effectively together.

Virtual Workshops

In virtual workshops, Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas Zoom it to learn more about themselves and each other to respect, connect and thrive.

Video Training

You take control as the facilitator in this face to face video training option for teams where Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas discover how to work more effectively together.

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What do I get with video training?

Access to our exclusive Profiling Tool
Nine (9) video modules and practical exercises
Downloadable workbooks
Team Leader’s Guide
A copy of one of Lynne’s books
Downloadable posters for the workplace
Pack of Fruit stickers and wallet cards
Facebook Community, access free ebooks and invites to live events
Lynne Schinella

Training for face-to-face teams.

You take control as the facilitator in this video training option for teams where Apples, Mangoes, Limes and Bananas discover:

how you’re different
why you’re different
how you can work more effectively together

MC Facilitator

Lynne will learn your jargon, get your challenges, stay out of the spotlight and make sure you stress less. Lynne will Kick off a conference to set the scene and get delegates talking.

Hear what clients say about Lynne Schinella MC

Karen Bolinger, former CEO of the Melbourne Convention Bureau and Sandra Passaro, Director of Business Events at Tourism Queensland speak candidly about Lynne as as an MC facilitator.

Lynne as your MC:

Acts as a theme weaver to ensure delegates get your key message
Engages and energises but never takes centre stage
Joins all committee meetings
Becomes part of your team
Researches and works with speakers
Contributes promo videos and social media posts pre-conference
Used to be a PCO, so understands logistical challenges
Uses knowledge as a trainer to keep energy up and learning maximised.
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