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When you are spending a bunch of time on the people stuff, here is what happens:


Disengaged employees have rates of absenteeism that are 27% higher than their peers and it is estimated that every sick day costs a business an average of $385. Worryingly, one in 40 people ‘take a sickie’ each day in Australia. (Aon Hewitt 2016)

Low Productivity

The 2017 Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report indicated that just 14% of employees in Australia and New Zealand are engaged in their job, which is showing up every day with enthusiasm and the motivation to be highly productive. So 86% are disengaged!


It was estimated that presenteeism (present but toxic) cost the Australian economy $34.1 billion in 2009-10. Imagine what that statistic is today!? Furthermore, an average of 6.5 working days of productivity is lost per employee annually due to presenteeism.

Poor Well-being

The Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report 2017 suggests “Organisations need to ensure that they are creating a culture of well-being in the workplace”.


A 2016 Converge International study cited the major barriers to productivity as being: Cynicism and negativity at work, lack of positive interpersonal communication and a support network – the disconnect.

Staff Turnover

Staff Turnover costs your bottom line 2.5 times per a full-time employee’s salary. A productive $55,000 a year, experienced employee leaving your company costs you $122,500.

At the workgroup level, teams who know each other’s strengths relate more effectively to one another, fortifying group cohesion. Gallup researchers discovered that workgroups who received strengths interventions saw sales increase by 10-19% and profits by 14-29%, compared with control groups.

Businesses that implement performance management systems around basic needs for psychological engagement, such as positive workplace relationships frequent recognition, ongoing performance conversations and opportunities for personal development, gain the most and get the best out of their employees.

Ok. So we are seeing a pattern here!

LinkedIn’s April 2018 survey of 4,000 global business professionals and leaders confirms our suspicions: that COMMUNICATION is the #1 soft skill employees are lacking.

So doesn’t it make sense (financial and common) to invest in getting this money (and energy) sucking problem under control?

Lynne doesn’t just teach this from a textbook. She’s lived it.

In my first business, I had a wonderful team of hardworking, dedicated individuals. We had a lot of fun.

​I remember also being incredibly frustrated at the time taken up by “issues.” People who had problems with a client who was hard to deal with. People who didn’t see eye to eye at work and made it personal. Stress leave. Awesome workers who would cut off their arm for you but you would never know if they were unhappy because they didn’t have the cajones to speak up. People who didn’t contribute in team meetings.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I was just applying a one size fits all management approach is the only way I knew how. My way. Apparently, I would come out of my office saying:

Right, everyone in the board room for a brainstorm session – we have a problem”. I would talk incessantly and then finish the meeting. No wonder people didn’t speak up. I didn’t give them a chance.

If there was something to celebrate, I would organise a team dinner: with ME! Like who wouldn’t want that as a reward? It turns out lots of people—hardworking introverts who would prefer a monetary reward and alone time more than anything else.

And when my team bought me a T-shirt that said: “Does Not Play Well with Others” (hello, control freak) instead of listening to the message, I took it as a badge of honour.

​I have been studying human behaviour now since 2003 and I have to tell you that it has changed the way I do business and live my life. If I had more self-awareness, understood more about my own management style, and had taken the time to learn about different people. Especially, what motivates and encourages them, and how they learn best – well, it would have been a different and higher-performing team.

They were a great team, it was their leader who was letting them down.

Association of Australian Convention Bureaux

Lynne is a breath of fresh air. Her energy, sense of humour and ability to engage added immense value.

Helloworld Travel

Fun, engaging, highly energising with outcomes of how to work better with others.

Tourism Australia Europe

Every participant found the course a wonderfully enriching experience and left with their skillsets greatly improved.

Association of Financial Planners

She connects with the audience by sharing her own fears and apprehensions.

School Administrative & Support Staff Professional Association

The effect her passion, enthusiasm and willingness to challenge the status quo has enriched the experience for all of us.

Program Participant

What I learned from my time with Lynne won’t just help me on my career path but with life.

Meetings & Events Australia

Lynne cheerfully delivers a fresh angle targeted to a particular audience.

Adelaide Convention Bureau

Love Lynne’s style and risk taking when working the room.

Rock and Roll Team Building

Lynne’s enthusiasm for creating a positive effect on team dynamics is contagious!

Tourism Australia

Professional and results oriented, Lynne is a great extension to our team.

Northrop Consulting Engineers

No one does personality styles like Lynne AND gets the results.

Qantas Holidays

Lynne’s ability to take complex ideas and make them simple and relatable is at the core of her expertise.



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